Year 7 Coordinator

Each year at the end of January, 200 or so year sevens are welcomed into our school with a short ceremony under the shade of our front lawn’s beautiful gum trees. Each year we look forward to meeting our next crop of bright young minds as they begin their journey at Thornlie Senior High School.

At Thornlie Senior High School, we have developed a ‘Year Seven Model’ which is tailored to suit the developmental needs of our new arrivals. Our four core subject areas- Maths and Science, English and HASS – are taught in a cross-curricular fashion to ease the transition into high school timetabling. Our students also benefit from having just two teachers from our Year Seven team, presenting their four core subjects. This has enabled our Year Sevens to develop a strong rapport with their main subject teachers, allowing us to closely monitor both their social and emotional development and academic progress.

This year students have enjoyed a peer support program during semester one and will begin a customised student wellbeing program developed by social worker students from UWA during semester two. Our year seven students enjoy a number of extra-curricular activities such as music, rugby, and STEM club, and are rewarded for Good Standing through our Student of the Month program, and our Year Seven Superstar awards. On top of that, this year we have enjoyed visits from Class Act Theatre, the Water Corp, and SECUL’s ecosystem incursion.

Each year we are thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm and determination of our Year Seven students to transition to the rhythms of high school in a mature fashion. We look forward to continuing our work in supporting students in their foundational year of high school!

Fran Haynes
Year 7 Coordinator