Year 10 Coordinator

Year 10 Coordinator

The Year 10 cohort moves into Senior School this year, presenting them with challenges and choices in their journey towards Years 11 & 12.

It is crucial for students to focus on developing effective study habits to create future pathways and opportunities for themselves.

We work towards engaging and motivating students to further develop skills to equip them for future academic and vocational career opportunities as well as providing support and guidance to assist them during this time of transition.

This year students will be involved with programs and activities designed to facilitate this development including seminars, Hillside Rural program, ABCN Focus Women in Leadership, Careers Expo and subject selection course counselling.

Students in Year 10 will quickly realise the responsibilities that come with being in senior school and all students are encouraged to practice the school’s PBS values of pride, perserverance, respects and responsibility in their everyday schooling.

Ms Tahlia Brealey