Year 12 Coordinator

Year 12 Coordinator

Being a Year 12 Student at Thornlie Senior High School is a very rewarding and energising experience. Students are developing into young adults and as such, they learn to embrace the many challenges that arise during their final year of schooling.

Students are encouraged to demonstrate leadership and responsibility, taking on roles such as Student Councillor, House Captain adn leadership roles within their chosen interests, as well as mentoring of younger students and peers. Students develop a mature working relationship with staff as they work towards completion of their studies. Many Year 12’s will participate in workplace learning and all will endeavour to complete their Certificate II courses while also working on their general or ATAR courses.

Year 12’s will develop a work-life balance which for many encompasses paid part-time work, social, sporting and family commitments, learning to drive and of course their studies.

There are many highlights to look forward to throughout Year 12 including Work Place Learning, guest speakers, Interschool Sports, dance/cheer events, Outdoor Education camps, the school ball, final week celebrations including student staff breakfast, dress up day and presentation evening.

Students very quickly come to realise that their final year of school is a very special one that passes by fleetingly. We encourage all students to engage in their final year at Thornlie Senior High School to maximise their opportunities for further education or employment when they leave year 12, by adopting the school ethos – ‘Engage, Inspire, Achieve’.

Ms Alisha Bayliss