Year 9 Coordinator

Year 9 Coordinator

Thornlie Senior High School has a variety of initiatives targeting Year 9 students.

ABCN (Australian Business Community Network)

During the programme students travel to the city to meet mentors provided through a number of business partners. They have the opportunity to visit corporate environments and engage in workshops which focus on goal setting, career opportunities, interview techniques and work skills.


This programme is initiated and sponsored by the ‘Smith Family Organisation’, a national charity helping young Australians in need, to maximise their educational outcomes and create a positive future for themselves. I-TRACK is an online mentoring programme which matches individual students with mentor based on aspirations and interests. Mentors are drawn from a network of community partners and they endeavour to encourage students to engage in their education by providing guidance in communication, study, workplace and career opportunities.


Over the course of the year students will be able to sign up for a variety of excursions targeting individual interests. These will involve parent permissions to attend activities at Universities, TAFE and a variety of workplaces.

Within the school community all students are able to nominate for a variety of extra-curricular activities such as sporting teams, dance and cheer, Change Makers and STEM. They may also take the opportunity to nominate to be a representative of the Student Leadership Team.

The personal growth, self awareness and job skills developed through these programmes is invaluable to students. It is anticipated that all students will engage in some of these activities to assist them in making well informed choices and decisions in the future. 

Mrs Rhonda Roberts