Mobile Phone Policy

At Thornlie Senior High School students are not permitted to use their mobile phones unless permitted by their teachers. Use at breaks is restricted to music and non-communicative uses. SMS and voice calls not permitted. Videoing of others is not permitted. Arrangements can be made by parents/guardians for the phone to be left at Student Services during the day for safe keeping. There is no need for students to access family and friends during school time. Any necessary emergency contact is made to parents from administration or student services.

Use of Phones at School

The school recognises that there are times when it is appropriate and useful for students to have access to a mobile phone – for example:

  • To contact parents in emergencies outside school
  • To confirm or change arrangements made to pick up a child from music rehearsals, or sports practice outside school
  • Security when travelling to and from school and / or part time work
  • School work, as allowed and defined by school


1. First Offence

The phone/device will be confiscated, secured at Student Services, student name logged and the phone/device can be collected by the student at the end of the day. A letter will be forwarded to parents/guardians warning of further consequences.

2. Second Offence

As for Step 1, except that the phone/device will only be returned to a parent/guardian and cannot be collected by the student. The confiscated item can be collected by parents from the Front Office. Student privileges may be restricted or withdrawn.

3. Subsequent Offence/s

As for step 2, except that the student will also be suspended from school for one day.

The following process will be followed with students who disobey the school’s policy on mobile phones.

Please Note: Devices that enable students to access social media ie. Facebook etc and SMS applications while at school will fall under the umbrella of this policy.