Parent & Citizens Association


 WHO CAN JOIN? Parents and Guardians of students in Years 7 to 12, as well as community Citizens wanting to help students reach their goals and succeed. If English is your second language we can translate P&C documents used at meetings into your preferred language.

Being a P&C member at this school is FUN, is good for your MENTAL HEALTH, is a GOOD ROLE MODEL to your child and a great addition to your work resume. Your viewpoints are valuable and we’d love you to join us. Email for more info or just turn up on the night.


Raise issues and questions from the school community with the Principal (who attends meetings) and discuss them with committee members to find solutions that we can support.

* The current P&C members have committed to assisting our Administration staff and School Board members to lobby for Federal & State funding for a much needed multimillion dollar major school upgrade and refurbishment; including a Thornlie Community Art, Culture and Training Centre on our campus. Students deserve to showcase their talents in Dance, Cheer, Music, Drama, Hospitality, Arts & Technologies Exhibitions and Graduation Ceremonies in front of a large audience, with accessibility to all.

The multipurpose large indoor facility with seating, could be utilised by many other schools and community groups in our district.

*  Provide a parent point of view to assist our school with their operations & communication.

* Assist groups of students at any fundraising events they hold (e.g. Election Day Sausage Sizzle) but P&C fundraising events are not generally held.

*  Decide on how to spend the Voluntary P&C $20 that families donate through the school fee schedule. In recent years the members decided to finance the annual Arts & Technologies Exhibition, Year 12 General Dux Award, the three mascots (lion, turtle, penguin) for the Positive Behaviour Support program, the SchoolTV project (parent/teen advice linked to the TSHS website), outdoor seating in Year 7 area, four 3D printers, a class set of Perception Goggles and resources for the Year 7 E-Sport Club.

*  A $500 community grant from 2nd Chance OpShop was obtained to purchase cooking equipment & utensils for the school Breakfast Club held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday before school. P&C members can assist staff with serving, washing dishes and buying food. P&C members may also donate 10c Containers to the P&C (see below), which is then used to purchase UHT milk, MILO and breakfast food.

*  A $9500 Federal Government BURT area grant (Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee program) was obtained to plant 25 native trees on our school grounds with students so far and 18 more native trees will be planted around the new STEM building in Term 1. So if you wish to volunteer for several hours on a weekday or weekend please contact us.

* A $20,000 Federal Government Stronger Communities Grant was used in 2023 to assist in the funding of the Thornlie SHS Yarning Circle and Six Seasons Totems.

WHEN DO WE MEET? Once or sometimes twice a term, on Monday evenings, at 6pm for 60-75 minutes. You’re not expected to attend every meeting and the Agenda and Minutes will be emailed to you. Your children are welcome to come and sit at the nearby tables or next to you.  Find upcoming meeting dates in your Daily Notice emails, the school’s front digital sign and school website calendar and our AGM is in Term 3 to vote in Executive Positions to be filled.


Next time you take your family or work friends’ cans/bottles to an outlet, you may like to donate a bag of them to our P&C which we use to buy food for the TSHS Breakfast Club.

Search and choose WA then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Support a Cause.”  Type “Thornlie Senior High School” in the Search bar. The P&C member number C10332659 will appear and you can add it to your mobile wallet.