Accelerated Achievement Program

(previously Academic Challenge Program)

Students accepted into the Accelerated Achievement Challenge Program are encouraged to excel in their area of academic talent. The program aims to foster both the academic and personal development of talented students within a caring environment. Students are regularly challenged as a result of extended and enriched learning opportunities in the academic learning areas, Mathematics, English, Humanities and Social Science and Science.

Participation in the program commences at Year 7 and given satisfactory progress, students may be invited to continue with the program through to the completion of Year 10. Students may be accepted into the program in one or more of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Science or Science. In the remaining learning areas, they combine with other students to access their chosen subjects as per their Subject Selection Form.

Specialist teachers for the program are selected to deliver the curriculum as is expected of all Year 7 classes. However, these teachers will create a stimulating learning environment and enhance the regular curriculum using their specialist knowledge to add breadth and accelerate student learning.

The school and teachers within the program have high expectations of students offered places in this program, with their commitment, behaviour and progress is closely monitored. The school expects students and their parents to uphold its policies and philosophy and strive to enhance the good reputation of Thornlie Senior High School in the community.

Selection Criteria

The number of students invited to participate in the Accelerated Achievement Program is limited. Students are selected through a progressive and comprehensive process. There are three main stages:

  1. Applicants complete an Accelerated Achievement Program Application Form. This includes a form for the students to complete. One confidential for parents/guardians to complete and a form reference from the applicant’s current school should be completed and returned.
  2. Applicants complete testing relating to ability. All testing will be conducted at Thornlie Senior High School.
  3. Current reports and available NAPLAN data will be used to confirm the final selection of students for inclusion in the Thornlie Senior High School Accelerated Achievement Program.

Accelerated Achievement Program Brochure

To apply for the Accelerated Achievement Program please complete and submit the application form below to

Accelerated Achievement Program Application


Dee Kennedy
Deputy Principal