In 2017, Thornlie Senior High School began its journey into the world of STEM, with a focus on creating a sustainable future. We are fortunate to have many teachers with STEM backgrounds offering our students a wide variety of programs to engage in, namely:

  • Design and Technology – Certificate II in Engineering, as well as a wide array of Technology Courses
  • Digital Technologies – including Certificate III in I.T. and CISCO Certification
  • A new dedicated year nine STEM Class that runs all year.
  • An after-school STEM Club.
  • Science enrichment in years 7 to 10 which includes a wide range of excursions and incursions involving universities, government agencies and private enterprise.
  • A senior General Integrated Science course.
  • Robo Cup and Solar Car Challenge.
  • Waste Wise
  • Recycling and composting program.
  • eSport Club
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Powering Careers in Energy, in partnership with CHERVON.
  • Cross-Curricular studies between Science, Maths and Technologies.