Digital Literacy/STEM

In 2017, Thornlie Senior High School began its journey into the world of STEM, with a focus on creating a sustainable future. In 2020 we advanced this program to include a Digital Literacy Program which is available by application only starting in Year 7. Students continue through this program as they advance through Secondary School. To be eligible for this program students must be able to participate in the BYOD program. More information is available on BYOD both in the Digital Literacy brochure and on this website. We are fortunate to have many teachers with STEM backgrounds offering our students a wide variety of programs to engage in, namely:

  • Design and Technology – Certificate II in Engineering, as well as a wide array of Technology Courses
  • Digital Literacy – Starting in Year 7 (by application only)
  • Digital Literacy Application 2022
  • Digital Literacy Brochure 2022
  • Digital Technologies – including Certificate III in I.T. and CISCO Certification
  • A new dedicated year nine STEM Class that runs all year.
  • An after-school STEM Club.
  • Science enrichment in years 7 to 10 which includes a wide range of excursions and incursions involving universities, government agencies and private enterprise.
  • A senior General Integrated Science course.
  • Robo Cup and Solar Car Challenge.
  • Waste Wise
  • Recycling and composting program.
  • eSport Club
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Powering Careers in Energy, in partnership with CHERVON.
  • Cross-Curricular studies between Science, Maths and Technologies.