Communicating with the School

Thornlie Senior High School –  Communication with your School Policy                                                 

 The relationship between the home and the school plays a very important part in a child’s education.

 For a child’s learning to be successful, he or she needs the support of both home and school working in partnership. Three-way communication is a critical factor in this partnership as children, parents and teachers need to feel confident there are processes that encourage positive communication to take place with each other.

As parents, you are the first and primary teachers of your child and have a substantial influence on the way in which your child approaches learning. Teachers are responsible for the more formal aspects of a child’s learning and successful teaching builds on the home experiences of the child.

The most effective learning and teaching take place when there is an active and positive partnership between home and school as you, the parents, have an intimate and special knowledge of the factors that may affect your child’s learning.

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Communicating with the School