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 The schools uniform requirements, including headwear, footwear and other aspects of personal presentation were developed in consultation with students, parents/guardians and staff. The Thornlie Senior High School Council has endorsed these uniform requirements for all students attending the school.

Secondary school students are required to wear a school uniform and meet the dress standards of the school.

The Council and the school community believe a school uniform:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school within its community
  • Develops students’ sense of belonging to the school community
  • Provides an opportunity to build school spirit
  • Promotes a sense of inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equal opportunity
  • Enhances the health and safety of students when involved in school activities
  • Increases the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier identification of visitors and potential intruders to the school
  • Prepares students for work, as many work places have dress and safety codes.

Enrolment and Acceptance of Uniform Policy
Acceptance of enrolment at the school is deemed as an agreement between the parent/guardian, enrolling student and school that the student will comply with the School Uniform Policy.

School Uniform Requirements

Students in Years 7 – 12

  • Thornlie SHS navy blue polo shirt with logo
  • Thornlie SHS navy blue unisex shorts or track pants
  • Thornlie SHS navy blue zip jacket
  • Thornlie SHS leavers’ jacket with logo (Year 12 only). Note: Only jackets with school logos are suitable. Plain, ‘un-logo’ed’ items do not meet dress code.

Physical Education

  • Thornlie SHS physical education royal blue polo shirt with white panel and logo
  • Thornlie SHS plain black shorts
  • Students must change for Physical Education and wear appropriate sports shoes. Hats and SPF 30+ sunscreen should be worn outdoors.


  • Any covered and closed, low heeled shoes e.g. leather lace up school shoes or joggers,
  • with navy or white socks and navy blue stockings for girls
  • NOTE: Thongs, health sandals, Ugg boots, light fabric canvass shoes, slip-ons, high heels,
  • fashion shoes and similar are NOT acceptable footwear.


  • Protective headgear e.g. peaked caps, preferably in school colours
  • Beanies, Hoodies and similar are NOT to be worn to school

NOTE: Denim is NOT part of the uniform and is not be worn to school. All clothing must be clean, tidy and in good repair.


Students who do not meet the uniform requirements will:

  • Be required to change into appropriate clothing supplied by the school.
  • Be denied the opportunity to represent their school at official school activities, which include sporting and social events.
  • Have their parents contacted to seek their assistance/support in meeting the requirements of the school Uniform Policy.


Availability of School Clothing
Thornlie SHS school clothing can be purchased from the UNIFORMCONCEPTS store in Willetton.

This arrangement has many advantages and enables parents great access, customer service and stock levels. It will be especially beneficial for working parents who will be able to purchase uniform inside and outside of normal school hours.

School uniform is compulsory in all public schools. After consultation with student representatives, parents and the wider community, a range of school uniform items was determined.

Students and families are aware of our requirements before accepting enrolment at our school.

Students dressed in full school uniform are all part of the public image which is so important to a school. They are the face we present to the community.

It is in all our interests to ensure our school maintains a high profile and a positive image in the community.

If families face financial difficulties in regards to uniform, the school can assist through the student assistance scheme. All enquiries to the Principal are confidential.

All items of school uniform are available at the school’s Uniform Shop (except for school shoes).

Uniform Supplier:

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