Big Picture Program

The Big Picture Academy at Thornlie Senior High School is one of the first and, therefore, oldest BP academies in Australia. Over the years, while many different and varied students have come and gone, one thing has remained: the BP learning design is focused on the student’s desires and shaped around their capabilities.

Indeed, in actuality, while being a most meaningful motto, our motto is fundamental to the BP learning design.

“One student at a time, within a community of learners”

Here at the Academy, we not only recognise that learning is part of the human condition but also that learning is more effective when it is based on and designed around each student’s interests and needs. Individualised learning plans, reviewed and updated regularly, reflect and expand the student’s personal interests and aspirations. Each student’s development and ability is then measured by the quality of their work and how it has influenced and changed them. Consequently, a culture of trust, respect and care is created amongst and shared between students and adults.

Should you wish to inquire of how the Big Picture design for learning may assist your child in discovering or pursuing their passion, please contact Mr. De Meo, Senior School Deputy Principal.


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