Late to School Policy

Thornlie Senior High School – “Late to School Policy”

Punctuality is an important facet of our personal makeup, and a facet we promote with TSHS students with a view to engage them appropriately with each subject and maximize their learning opportunities.

The Late to School Policy aims to:

  • Promote punctuality as a worthwhile and valuable personal trait
  • Maximise learning opportunities by minimising late arrivals and disruptions to lessons.

A Late to School offence refers to:

  • Arriving to the first lesson of the day after the bell at 8:45am, more than once in a defined school week.
  • The student does not have legitimate claim to a SMS, phone call or email, or produce a note that authorises the repeat Late Arrivals (absences) from their parent/guardian.

For the full Policy document please follow the link below:

 Late to School Policy