Police Rangers

Thank you for your interest in the Police Ranger program.  

Gosnells Police Rangers has a number of Instructors that volunteer their time for the program, the Unit Coordinator and Chief Instructor is Sharon Kent (Staff). The Rangers parade on a Tuesday evening between 1800 (6:00pm) and 2030 (8:30pm) at Thornlie Senior High School, 2 Ovens Road, Thornlie during school terms. New Rangers are inducted into the program when available. Police Rangers is a similar concept to military Cadets but obviously with a Police Focus. Rangers can commence parading the year they turn 12 until they are 18.

Police Rangers falls under the CadetsWA program and is government funded. There are no fees associated with weekly parading and most of the activities. Sometimes there is a small fee that is required to be imposed for some of our camps or larger activities. If your child enjoys the program, we will issue them a Gosnells Police Ranger shirt (when available at a cost)) and a uniform after their first term. The Police Ranger uniform has been overhauled and is very similar to the Police uniform. There may be a uniform bond required in 2022, the uniform bond will be returned to parents when all the uniform is returned to the unit in a satisfactory condition. If a Ranger changes sizes new uniform items are issued to accommodate.

The program has a syllabus that is aligned with the values of the WA Police Force and supports general life skills. We teach drill, leadership, history of police rangers, first aid, fieldcraft, navigation, survival skills amongst others. We usually have two camps per year, one unit camp and one State Camp or other activity. COVID-19 has affected and may continue to affect activities.

There is currently 1 other instructor at Gosnells (a serving Police Officer), local policing assist at various times. Rangers has a rank structure and Rangers are encouraged to work towards promotion and take on different responsibilities within the unit. As the instructor base is strongly aligned with the WA Police Force the program facilitates a lot of visits from different policing areas so that the Rangers obtain an understanding of those different areas. There are regular visits from Canine Section Officers, Regional Operations Group, Traffic Enforcement and the Tactical Response Group. Gosnells encourage fitness and regularly run the beep and agility tests along with other entry testing examples to assist those Rangers interested in policing as a career with the application process. Community service also forms part of the program and the Rangers participate in different activities within the community or to raise money for different causes. Again COVID-19 has and may continue to impact on involvement.

Having serving police officers and military staff as instructors is beneficial in securing work experience at Police Stations when the Rangers school can’t assist and with entry requirements to the WA Police Force Cadet Program and WA Police Force. Please note the difference between the Police Ranger and WA Police Force Cadets programs.

Please check out the West Australian Police Rangers Facebook page for further information.   

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to make further contact.

Email: gosnellspolicerangers@gmail.com

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