Safety around the School

We all need to be aware of safety around school zones. Listed below is some links with further information on a variety of issues which cause concern around schools.

Safety around the school

If you need help or advice regarding parking contact Ranger Services during office hours on 9397 3000.
School zones
40km/hr school zones are in place around
every school in the City of Gosnells. School
zones operate from 7.30am to 9am and
2.30pm to 4pm.
Children warning signs and 40km/hr school
zone speed signs are the responsibility of
Main Roads WA.

School Parking Campaign A4 Poster

Common parking problems
• Parking in a No Stopping area
• Parking in a No Parking area
• Double parking
• Parking on a nature strip or verge without
the owner’s consent
• Parking so that the vehicle causes an
• Parking against the flow of traffic
• Stopping or parking on a footpath
• Stopping or parking at a bus stop
Be responsible
• Observe parking restrictions (read the signs)
• Be aware
• Use Kiss and Drive (if provided)
• Always be aware of children
• Walk or cycle to and from school
• Plan your trip so that you arrive earlier
• Stop on the school side so your child does
not have to cross the road
• Use the crosswalk services at all times
• Use parent’s parking bays (where provided)
What NOT to do
• Block driveways
• Park on footpaths
• Obstruct Children’s Crossing
• Get frustrated
• Ignore speed limits around schools
• Ignore parking signs