House Information

CURTIN – GREEN                FORREST – RED                HANNAN – YELLOW                O’CONNOR – BLUE

Houses play an important role within the school as they create a sense of team unity. Houses work in a
number of ways within Thornlie Senior High School, in a sporting nature and as a behaviour incentive. Houses
are also a means of maintaining the sense of belonging attributed to homerooms at Thornlie Senior High School.
Thornlie has four Houses: Curtin, Forrest, Hannan and O’Connor. Each of these Houses has two Captains,
selected from the Year 12 student cohort. Students are organised into Houses when they enrol in the school.
The Houses compete against each other for the House Shield at sporting carnivals.
In addition, the House system is used as a behavioural incentive within the school, where students are
awarded House Points from their teachers for commendable behaviour. These points are distributed by
teachers’ use of the House Points booklets. 

House Points and Other Positive Consequences
Thornlie House Points are reward slips, given to students by school staff, to acknowledge that student
demonstrating an attribute of positive behaviour. Each time a student is observed demonstrating a particular
attribute a reward slip (Thornlie House Point) will be given to the student in acknowledgement of their
exemplary behaviour.
These slips are then submitted by students at Student Services where each week they are entered into the
weekly raffle for a canteen voucher. Furthermore, they are then collated and added to the student’s
homeroom tally for our school wide House Reward System.

Students are given points for various reasons, as outlined in the table below:

House Points Value Sanctioned Events and Values (for e.g)
1-5 points for participation in school events
Membership of Lighting Carnival Teams 
House Points (face value) from points booklet 
Athletics Carnival 
Colour Day (for wearing House colours on nominated days) 
Japanese – mastering hiragana (100%) 
Improved Assessment tasks Attendance at homework classes
10 Points(beyond normal call of duty)
Hospitality Functions assistants (non-task/subject related events) 
Participation in Mathematics Competitions 
Student of the Month nomination 
School representation – academic or sporting or cultural events 
Hosting Japanese students/Interstate sporting teams 
Outstanding Assessment Tasks – subjects 
Participation in - Asiawise Competition 
                             - Simpson Prize 
                             - Australian Geography Competition 
Letters of Commendation
20 points for ‘distinction’ or ‘high achievement’ 

in school events

Captain Of Lightning Carnival Teams 
Member of Champion Schools Teams (junior or senior) 
Completion of Community Services Obligations (20 Hours) 
Invitation to Reward Barbecue 
Attendance Champion – Term 
Honourable Mention – Attendance champion - Term 
Representing Thornlie SHS in Japan 
Distinction/High Distinction - Asiawise Competition 
                                                       - Australian Geography Competition 
                                                       - Australian Mathematics Competition 
                                                       - National Science Competition 
Home Room Competition 3rd Place
50 points for ‘outstanding’ achievement or

recognition of‘excellence’ in school events.

Captain of Interschool Teams 
Local Association representation in sporting teams 
Winning an event in the Interschool Athletics 
Completion of Community Services Obligations (30 Hours) 
100% Attendance Champion - Semester 
Honourable Mention – Attendance champion - Semester 
State award in Simpson Prize 
Home Room Competition 2nd Place
recognising students who by their actions place 
themselves and/or the school in the most positive 
of lights for our community to see.
Age Champion – Interschool Athletics 
Runner Up age Champion – Interschool Athletics 
Member of State Sporting Teams 
Student of the Month - Winner 
Completion of Community Services Obligations (50+ Hours) 
100% Attendance Champion – Whole Year 
Honourable Mention – Attendance Champion – Whole Year 
Member of Student Council 
Dux of each Year 
Top Student – Subject awards for each year 
House Captains 
Home Room Competition Winner

Other Positive Consequences:
Teachers at Thornlie SHS will continue to ensure that positive behaviour is given recognition. The staff are
committed to increasing communication not only between teachers and students, but also between school and
home. This may come in the form of:
• House Point acknowledgements
• Student of the Month (STOM) Nominations and Awards
• Top Student Awards
• Encouraging phone calls to parents
• Positive Behaviour Reports
• Letter of Commendation
• Reward Activities.
• Attendance Champion certificate.